Town of German Flatts Town Board Meeting

66 East Main Street  Mohawk, N.Y. 13407

February 28, 2018


Present:                                                   Louis Peter Rovazzi, Supervisor

                                                                 Sam Geloso, Councilman

                                                                 Denny Mowers, Councilman

                                                                 Cynthia A. Bennett, Councilwoman

                                                                 John Brewer, Councilman

                                                                 Jeffrey Rheinhardt, Attorney

                                                                 Marie Hennings,  Town Clerk

Also present:                                           See separate sign-in sheet


MOTION by Geloso, seconded by Mowers to accept the 01/24/2018 minutes.  Carried.

MOTION by Geloso, seconded by Brewer  to pay the bills as audited.  Carried.  Supervisor Rovazzi Stated he will be reviewing the bills daily/weekly as he would like more time for review.

MOTION by Bennett, seconded by Mowers to accept Judge Stone's January 2018 report for $17,746.50. Carried.

MOTION  by Bennett, seconded by Mowers to accept the Town Clerk's January 2018 report for $2,039.00.  Carried.

MOTION by Brewer, seconded by Mowers to approve payment for a GFIM bill for $397.80.  Carried.


Board members signed reports for the time frame of July 2017 – December 2017 for the following officials:  Town Judge Stone, Town Judge Gary Norman (July 2017-December 2017), Town Clerk, Receiver of Taxes.


MOTION by Geloso, seconded by Mowers to accept the Treasurers' reports for December 2017 and January 2018. Carried.


MOTION by Bennett, seconded by Mowers to approve an Aflac  and Pop Plan, a volunteer product Plan for the Town. Carried.  Attorney Rheinhardt will prepare the Resolution for the next meeting.


Supervisor Rovazzi reported that since the last meeting (Jan. 24th) the new figures on the purchase of the 2017 Dodge truck came in at $11,049.01 instead of $11,122.75 which was reported at the Jan. 24th meeting.  The new budget adjustment will change to $1,049.01. This was due to a lower interest rate.


Questions submitted  to the board  by residents were discussed.


Councilman Mowers reported receiving a proposal for $1,460.00 from Land Surveyor Michael J. Emrich regarding locating the east and west property lines on the State Route 5-S storage site known as Parcel A, State of New York Barge Canal Parcel No. 5719.  Further discussion on the site location for the gravel to be removed from the old Brookhaven trailer park was tabled. Superintendent Dutcher will be consulted for his opinion.


The Town of German Flatts Rules and Procedures for Public Comment and decorum during regular scheduled board meetings was read aloud by Councilman John Brewer.


MOTION by Mowers, seconded by Bennett to approve the Rules and Procedures Policy for Public Comment.  Motion carried.

MOTION by Rovazzi, seconded by Geloso to allow public comment at the end of tonight's (02/28/2018) meeting.

Motion carried.


MOTION by Mowers, seconded by Bennett to approve a $400.00 (four hundred) expenditure for the Easter Egg Hunt to be held at the Town Park on March 31, 2018.  Carried.

Ilion resident Ozzie Sterling made a donation of $100 (one hundred dollars cash ) for the Easter Egg event for the children.

Discussion on the Community Center regarding new locks , stove repair and the Radio Room.

Quotes on new locks are being sought. 

MOTION by Bennett, seconded by Geloso to table discussion on the stove repairs.  Carried.


Supervisor Rovazzi reported that the YWCA  is asking for a 2 (two) year lease renewal when their current 5 (five) year lease ends in August of this year.  The board will discuss this issue at the next meeting. Attorney Rheinhardt was given the renewal request and is going to research the original lease agreement.

MOTION by Mowers, seconded by Geloso to table the McManus Engineering Proposal until the next meeting.  Carried.  This proposal addresses the Design Restroom Fulmer Field Site.

A congratulatory letter will be sent to CVA regarding the wrestling team's accomplishments for the 2017-2018 season. Supervisor Rovazzi stated that the CVA wrestling team had won the state championship and one team member also made state.

Regarding the War Dog Memorial Sculpture the Guardians of Freedom board wants to schedule a meeting with our town board in the near future.

Meetings  regarding the  Richfield St. Bridge are being held.

Bell Hill Rd. residents Gerald Morton and Kelly Holmes Morton brought  two propositions before the board asking if changes could be made to the noise ordinance regarding the time frame from 11 pm to 9 pm.  Also, they would like to see a 48 (forty-eight) hour response time from the Codes Officer


The next meeting will be March 28, 2018.


Respectfully submitted,



Marie K. Hennings,  Town Clerk