Town of German Flatts Town Board Meeting

66 East Main Street  Mohawk, N.Y. 13407

March 28, 2018


Present:                                                   Louis Peter Rovazzi, Supervisor

                                                                 Sam Geloso, Councilman

                                                                 Denny Mowers, Councilman

                                                                 Cynthia A. Bennett, Councilwoman

                                                                 John Brewer, Councilman

                                                                 Jeffrey Rheinhardt, Attorney

                                                                 Marie Hennings, Town Clerk

                                                                 Tony Klimek, Codes Officer,  Andy Dutcher, Hwy. Sup.

Also present:                                           See separate sign-in sheet


MOTION by Geloso, seconded by Mowers to accept the 02/28/2018 minutes.  Carried.

MOTION by Mowers, seconded by Geloso to pay the bills as audited.  Carried. 

Supervisor Rovazzi questioned Templeton's bills – need a signed contract with an hourly rate.  Supervisor Rovazzi also stated that the bills need further examination.



MOTION  by Mowers seconded by Bennett to accept the Town Clerk's February 2018 report for $768.00.  Carried.

MOTION by Bennett, seconded by Brewer to accept Judge Jeff Stone's February 2018 report for $13,264.00. Carried.

MOTION  by Geloso, seconded by Mowers to approve payment of a GFIM bill for $780.90.  Carried.

MOTION by Bennett, seconded by Geloso to accept the Treasurer's February 2018 report.  Carried.


Bell Hill Rd. resident Kelly Holmes Morton spoke to the board about a modification to the present Noise Ordinance relative to a  time change regarding loud noises.  Mr. Morton also complained about the condition of the adjoining property stating that the State Police won't answer  the calls because it's a civil issue and not a criminal issue. Codes Officer Tony Klimek explained that noise issues can be very hard to enforce.  Attorney Rheinhardt explained that noise is a decibel issue and can be checked by a decibel meter, which the codes officer purchased for another noise problem on another road.  Codes Officer  Mr. Klimek gave the decibel meter to Supervisor Rovazzi who offered to help.


Public Input Speakers:

             Virginia Jaquish questioned the acreage of the Canal property – 2.24 acres- part of which can be used for stock piling.

             Dolores Watkins questioned a web-site update.  Supervisor Rovazzi stated that Mr. Keeler is working on it.

             Jack Fitzer stated that Templeton Landscape's work needs to scrutinized more.

             Bill Jaquish questioned the Fulmer Field Site/Village Water Extension, which includes a Rest-room plan for the property.


Councilman Brewer stated that he has a problem in holding public comment at the end of a meeting.

He stated that he would e-mail and do phone conversations with residents at any time.


Discussion on the McManus Engineering Proposal for the Restroom Design (Fulmer Field Site/Village Water Extension) might not be feasible.

Regarding the Truck Ramp Bank Failure Grant, it has been proposed to allocate those funds toward the Crouch site.


Regarding the Leatherstocking/Emrich Proposal, several alternate disposal sites (for gravel, rock and dirt) were mentioned  as follows:  Putts Hill, Pine Bush and Kiddney Rd. Waiting on DEC approval.


Superintendent Dutcher stated that we already have an approved site (the canal corp. site) on part of the 2.24 acres on St. Rte. 5-S.


The Michael Emrich survey proposal for the Canal Corp. storage site in the amount of $1,460.00 was tabled.

MOTION by Mowers, seconded by Supervisor Rovazzi to table the discussion on the changing of the locks at the Community Center. Carried.


MOTION  by Mowers, seconded by Bennett to have the stove gas valve at the Community Center checked out.  Carried.

Codes Officer Tony Klimek will check it out.

Regarding a new Town Attorney appointment Councilman Mowers reported that Lorraine Lewandrowski, Jeff Bannister and Karl Manne had submitted a resume for consideration.

Attorney Jeff Rheinhardt stated that he will be done April 30, 2018.


Regarding Templeton Landscape the board would like to have a spread sheet prepared showing the progress of each grant.


MOTION  by Mowers, seconded by Geloso to approve a RESOLUTION as follows:  Repair and Stabilization of Fulmer Creek Bank – the Crouch Site – Resolved that the The Town Board designates and authorizes Supervisor Peter Rovazzi to complete, sign and submit all forms, certifications, and permit applications and all other contracts, documents and instruments necessary to bring about the project and to fulfill the Town's obligations under the respective grant agreements. Carried.  (See Resolution)


Easements are being sought for the Richfield Street Bridge project.


Regarding the War Dog Memorial Agreement consisting of 7 (seven) items – after discussion a partial section was approved  upon a

MOTION  by Mowers, seconded by Geloso as follows:


This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which the Town of German Flatts (Town) will install and maintain a Memorial to Service Dogs and their handlers as partially funded by a NYS grant administered through the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) and a donation from the Guardians of Freedom Memorial Inc., a 501(c) (3) corporation organized in New York State (Donor).


Donor agrees to provide the Town the sum of $32,000.00 (thirty-two thousand dollars) upon Donor's return of a signed and fully executed Agreement to be applied to partially cover the cost of constructing a 6' bronze monument to be placed in the Town Park. 2.   Upon receipt of the donation, the Town agrees to enter into a contract with the artist to construct the monument and to install it to standards as developed by the Town with input from the Donor.

The Town is only obligated to use monies up to the amount re-imbursable by the Grants.

Motion carried.

MOTION by Bennett, seconded by Rovazzi for the town to offer a Deferred Comp. Plan with Nationwide;  also a Roth Plan will be available.  Employees can contribute a % instead of a flat rate, also the employee would be able to take out a loan from their own account.  Motion carried.


MOTION by Mowers, seconded by Rovazzi to approve a new renewal lease with the YWCA for three years, effective August 2018 – August 2021, with the monthly rent payment to be $ 2,420.00 monthly.

Carried.  Attorney Rheinhardt will prepare a Resolution.

MOTION by Rovazzi, seconded by Bennett to authorize Attorney Rheinhardt to prepare a Resolution regarding a South Ilion Light District for lights on Old Forge Rd. and Barringer Rd.  Carried.  Attorney Rheinhardt will meet with Assessor Sue Meeker for the tax map information for these locations.


Regarding the McManus Engineering Proposal for the Design Restroom Fulmer Field Site/Village Water Extension other options will be researched.  Tom Breiten will be consulted on this issue.

Regarding the noise ordinance request decibel readings from a voltage meter would help to make it more enforceable stated Attorney Rheinhardt.

Supervisor Rovazzi reported that Receiver of Taxes Cherri Hyer received a quote for a new money counting machine in the amount of $1,510.00.

MOTION  by Bennett, seconded by Mowers to enter into Executive Session for Personnel Appointments to the Ethics Board.  Motion Carried.

MOTION by Mowers, seconded by Bennett to resume Regular Session.  Motion Carried.

MOTION  by Mowers, seconded by Geloso to make the following appointments to the Ethics Board:

John Brewer,  Chairman, Justin Dibble and Mark Cushman.  Voting as follows:  Ayes:  Mowers, Bennett, Geloso, Brewer.  Nays:  Rovazzi.  Motion Carried.

Councilman Mowers reported that a SEQR review needs to be prepared for the Crouch site.

MOTION by Rovazzi, seconded by Mowers to move the public comment period to the end of the meeting.  Carried.

The next meeting will be April 18, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.


MOTION by Mowers, seconded by Bennett to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 p.m.  Carried.


Respectfully submitted,


Marie K. Hennings, Town Clerk

Town of German Flatts