Town of German Flatts Town Board Meeting

66 East Main Street  Mohawk, N.Y. 13407

June 27, 2018


Present:                                      Louis P. Rovazzi, Supervisor

                                                    Sam Geloso, Councilman

                                                    Cynthia A. Bennett, Councilwoman

                                                    Denny Mowers, Councilman               

                                                    John Brewer, Councilman

                                                    Marie Hennings, Town Clerk

                                                    Karl Manne, Attorney

                                                    Andrew Dutcher, Highway Superintendent

See Separate sign-in sheet.

MOTION  by Bennett, seconded by Mowers to accept the 05/23/2018 minutes.  Carried.

MOTION by Geloso, seconded by Mowers to accept the Town Clerk's May 2018 report for $1,424.75.  Carried.

MOTION by Mowers, seconded by Bennett to approve payment for a GFIM bill for $378.45.  Carried.

MOTION by Brewer, seconded by Geloso to accept the Treasurer's May 2018 report. Carried.

MOTION by Mowers, seconded by Geloso to accept Judge Jeff Stone's May 2018 report for $13,653.00. Carried.


MOTION by Mowers, seconded by Brewer to approve an ammendment to the JAC Contract for an increase of $1,000.00 – from $3,500.00 - $4,500.00 Carried.

 The Town Park building locks were approved for 8 keys and signed out for by the following:  Superv isor Rovazzi, Marie Hennings (office), Nellie Johnson, Carol Vercz, Kim Driscoll, Chuck Blauvelt, Don Petersen and Christopher Bouck for the radio room at the community center.


Supervisor Rovazzi reported that the first invoice was received for the Leatherstocking Emrich Floodplain Restoration Project.


The GFIM Landfill Sampling will cost $2,800.00 and will be in next year's budget.  The Town will work with Barton & Laguidice on this project.


Regarding a postage machine, Councilman Brewer will have more information next meeting.


The letter that Supervisor Rovazzi wrote to the Guardians of Freedom was returned for an incorrect address.  The letter will now be forwarded to Mr. Ferdula.

Budget Meeting update discussion.


MOTION by Brewer, seconded by Mowers  regarding the Street Light Resolution as follows:  A Resolution adopted March 28, 2018 regarding Street Lighting along Barringer Rd. and Old Forge Rd. will be taken off the table.  A letter sent to the Village of Ilion by former Town Attorney Jeff Rheinhardt clarifying that the Barringer Rd. lights are entirely within the Village of Ilion and the Lights on Old Forge Rd. were apparently installed at the request of a village resident, therefore the Town will not be responsible for these lights.  Carried.  (See letter and Resolution on file)


Census – Supervisor Rovazzi asked Councilman Mowers to look into it.

A grant spreadsheet project summary was submitted to board members by Tom Breiten.


Regarding the Contract Ammendment for Templeton and Additional Services Contract MMI, discussion was held on contract allowable limits,work change orders, cost overruns, stone and cement etc.  The Board agreed that we need answers – Supervisor Rovazzi will get information on setting up a meeting with Tom Brieten, MMI and the contractors involved.


Supervisor Rovazzi stated that the Town had received a check for $1,500.00 (one thousand five hundred dollars) from the Fort Herkimer Church.

MOTION by Bennett, seconded by Rovazzi to check with Kim, Peters & Associates, to set up a special fund for this money.

Regarding the Canal Carver Agreement sealed bids will be needed.


Highway Superintendent Dutcher assured the board that snow clearing on the sidewalks at the town park will be taken care of.

Regarding the Town Park Grant Work Supervisor Rovazzi received a quote from Dennis Wood for work on the School House cellar floor for a concrete floor with radiant heat tubing, steel reinforced mesh, styrofoam insulation panels, material and labor for a total estimate of $4,549.00.  Phase 2 will be for jacking and leveling of the school house floor, insulating Beam Pockets for $2,500.00.

Attorney Manne will check with Mr. Brieten on the Segmentation of the contract 1 bid or separate bids?

MOTION by Geloso, seconded by Mowers to start the school house project per the received quotes but also contingent upon Attorney Manne's findings.


Councilwoman Bennett reported on the Community Center Rental Fees, also reviewed our current fees that we now charge for rentals.  Research will be done on the cost of the utilities, phone bills, etc.

Fees, coverages and liability issues were discussed by the board and Attorney Manne.


Supervisor Rovazzi will attend a Herkimer County Shared Services Meeting on Thursday June 28th for information relating to highway issues.  Superintendent Dutcher was encouraged to attend.


Superintendent Dutcher reported that the garage roof is in need of repair.

He also questioned if the maintenance work the highway department did at the Landfill site last year was o.k. Supervisor Rovazzi stated that he didn't hear anything negative.

Mr. Dutcher reported that the London Bridge (Mammography Center) parking lot needs work.

Mr. Dutcher also stated that he needs a new snowplow.


Public Comment held.


MOTION by Geloso, seconded by Brewer to enter into an Executive Session at 7:40 pm to discuss Litigation / Personnel – Unemployment Insurance.  Motion carried.


MOTION by Rovazzi, seconded by Brewer to resume regular session at 8 pm.  Carried.


MOTION by Geloso, seconded by Mowers to pay the bills as audited.  Motion Carried.


The next meeting will be July 25,2018  at 5:30 p.m.


MOTION by Mowers, seconded by Bennett to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m.  Carried.



Respectfully submitted,



Marie K. Hennings,  Town Clerk

Town of German Flatts